A unique NFT collection.


Solonsters is a collection of 500 unique NFTs, each artwork is individually customised and represent a specific trend or meme in the crypto community! Each one of us is a fan of something and has things that relate to us. We want to make sure that everyone in our community likes what they bought. We don't want to base our collection on pure luck and make some of you regret buying in. We have all experienced rugs multiple times and it is not a  good experience, we don't want any of our community to feel edgy about our project and this is why we provide all details and FULL transparency to you all! We are fully committed to Solonsters and will be taking this project all the way to the moon! We are currently still in the works of our founders pack and would like the community to get involved! We would love to hear your ideas for designs and Solonsters you would like to see in the future!

500 Solonsters: Each one of them are a ticket to being a Solonster founder. Being a founder means that you support our vision and you're in to be part of the Solonsters journey.

Once the Founders pack is sold, the Solonsters will begin their mission. We will use our knowledge to become the biggest NFT collection in the Solana blockchain and create our own metaverse with the help of our community!

The first 10 people to join the Solonster journey will receive a LEGENDARY status Solonster NFT! The remaining Founders will enter you into our raffle for the chance of being airdropped Solonster NFT'S. This raffle will hold 10 LEGENDARY & 40 EPIC Solonsters!



The Solonsters project is designed to expand.
We are releasing the founders pack which will consist of 500 unique avatars to fund our mission to be the biggest NFT collection on the Solana blockcain
Our goal is to add value to the NFT space on Solana by bringing something unique and creating our own metaverse.

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Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Questions.

First of all, you get a unique piece of art, plus you get to participate in special giveaways and alongside you also benefit from exclusive merch discounts. You also get either a legendary or epic NFT for free when we drop our biggest collection in the future. There will be 10 legendary and 40 epic NFT'S from the collection exclusively for the founders.
You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.
That is ultimately a decision for you to make. We're working hard to make Solonsters great, and we will work on growing and evolving our project.
We love Solsea. they have a user friendly interface, they're rolling updates on the regular, and we also heard that they listen to their community, what else could we ask for!


We're a group of friends that really love and appreciate art. Our goal is to work with our community and create our own Metaverse.